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"TaskieHusky has been a game-changer for our family. It's not just a productivity app; it's a fun way to teach our kids responsibility and good habits. The gamification aspect really keeps them engaged, and the detailed reports help us keep track of their progress. Highly recommended for parents!"
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"As a parent, I've struggled with getting my kids to do their chores and take responsibility. TaskieHusky has made this process so much easier. The ability to set tasks, choose rewards, and the gamified approach have turned daily routines into a fun adventure. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is that I wish it had even more rewards to choose from."
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"I can't thank the TaskieHusky team enough for creating this app. It's like having a virtual assistant to help with parenting. The app keeps my kids engaged and motivated to complete tasks, and it's backed by science, which makes me trust it even more. If you want to make chores and responsibility enjoyable for your kids, this app is the answer."
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"My kids have been using TaskieHusky for a few weeks now, and I can already see a positive change in their habits and attitude toward responsibilities. The gamification approach is brilliant, and it's incredibly user-friendly. I'm excited to see how this app continues to help my kids develop important life skills."
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"TaskieHusky has transformed our daily routines. I love how it's not just about managing tasks but also building habits. It's like a personal coach for my kids. The fact that it's backed by science gives me confidence that it's a valuable tool for their growth. It's a must-try for parents looking to make a positive change in their children's lives."
Routine building starts early
Daily routine, including habits and chores, is unlikely to ever change after the age of 9. As researchers from Brown University have recently discovered, it takes firm root by the third grade and remains the same up to high school graduation.

If you want to teach your child responsibility, it’s best to start early.
(Pressman et al., 2014)
Get to know your child better: after all, you’re on the same team. Share daily tasks, achieve common goals, and help each other grow.

Draw on your child’s love for gadgets and video games to engage them with no hassle. Family routine can and should be fun for everyone.
by science
For our brain, habit building as a loop that consists of three elements: a cue, routine, and reward. Choose habits, establish a schedule, and decide on rewards. TaskieHusky will help your child have fun at each step of the loop and build healthy habits.
Creates a habit loop
Teaching your child responsibility and helping them build healthy habits don’t need to be boring. In fact, science says the best way to learn is to have fun along the way.

Video games are so addictive for children and adults alike for a good reason: they’re fun, engaging, and give a sense of progress. Learning, too, can be all that and even more.

Gamification does magic for education, as numerous studies have shown: one, two, three.
Create your own tasks or choose a few focus areas for TaskieHusky to recommend exciting activities.
You choose tasks to focus on.
They’ll earn points and achievements for completing tasks and chores.
Your child starts playing.
Encourage and reward your child for completing chores and tasks.
You choose exciting rewards.
Every time they claim a task is completed, you’ll receive a notification to approve it.
You keep track of their progress.
Celebrate their progress and receive detailed weekly reports.
Your child builds habits while having fun.
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